Home and commercial awning service

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Whether you want to fix a retractable awing for your house or want a stationary canopy for your business property, awning services Singapore is the big name that you can believe. From repairs to installations, we have got you covered. Apart from these services, we will offer standard maintenance as well.

Depending on the style of fabric and awning that you desire, our expert will help you decide from range of choices. We are open year-round will offer emergency services to manage any of your awning issues. Get in touch with us for a free guess, and will offer it to you within 48 hours.

Aluminum awnings

This type of awnings will be durable and classic for residents of Singapore. Our aluminum awnings will be rightly perfect and attractive for any door or window in your home.

Canvas awnings

Contact awning services Singapore for all needs including stationary awnings,  canvas awnings, or even dome awnings  to retractable awnings. We can made to fit your right specifications, ensuring you will get actually what you imagined.

Motorized awnings

Our motorized awnings are produced from top standard materials. With just a simple device, our mechanical awnings can close and open in seconds, which offer complete ease and efficiency.

Retractable awnings

Awnings services Singapore provides suitable, low-profile retractable  shading awnings. We have lots of choices to pick from, such as designs for residential or commercial use.

Patio covers

We provide varieties of patio covers for Singapore residents, such as aluminum, canvas, and alum wood and more. With a big range of colorful and attractive shapes, fabrics, and sizes, we make sure are patio covers will offer highest shade.


All of our cabanas are amazingly designed and simple to fit. Perfect for dining to pool patios to gardens and gyms, our cabanas will make sure you have a perfect feel to your area.

Sail Shades

As the most special and creative way to offer shade for your area, our sail shades are specially build and skillfully designed. Best for outdoor gathering area, our sail shades are best for providing best relaxation.

How to choose a company for awnings

Awnings can include value and style to a home. They can also increase the amount of area you have to relax and enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with the sun. for many homeowners, they are a simple and cheap way to include usable area onto their homes for patio, family activities or just so you can sit outside and read out of the sun. anyway, before you can install any system into your house, you need to make sure it is the top standard product for your needs. To do this, you need to turn to the top provider in the area.

What to look for in a company

Before you invest in any firm for awnings, know who they are and what they can provide. There are different providers in most areas and some of them may be inferior to others. It is a best idea to pick a firm that can meet all your needs and offer the top standard product. After all,   most of these products will last for years if installed rightly.

Find out if the firm is insured and licensed. This make sure they know what they are doing and that if an accident does happen, it does not affect your liability. This is not something to reject looking for in a firm.

Make sure, the firm is willing to come to you and provide a free guess for the service. They should provide different choices and products while also providing you with the capability to decide what works for your needs.

They should work with you to design and produce the product right for your area without convincing you to do more than you want to do.

The installation process should be problem-free. You will want to find out from previous customers if the firm did a best job installing the final product to a top standard and, if not, why that was the case.

You also want to find what kinds of products are accessible and what benefits those products may provide to your home. For example, some products may have energy star ratings to them. Find out what the firm does to stand out, too.

Having awnings installed for your house is a best way to include area and function to the home but it is also a remarkable way to boost the full value of it. To view an increase in worth, you need to be sure you are using the top possible firm for the job. Do not overlook the significance of picking a provider that is famous for providing high standard products.

The advantages of awning

If you want shade in your balcony or terrace without hiding any view, then awnings are just for you. Your home will look more strong if your windows are well decorated, while your terraces and balconies will be well covered by awnings. Awnings give full shade to your balconies and terraces. They provide the extra benefit of assisting with the ventilation of air, as they do not cover the surrounding of your balcony that is linked to your room.

There are 2 kinds of awnings, one is foldable and other is fixed. Fixed awnings are not fully fixed. Conversely, foldable awnings can be managed according to your ease. If the weather is lovely, then you can remove them and enjoy the weather.

There is also another choice of using an electric motor to adjust the position. The variety of these motor retractable awnings is superior as matched to physical awnings.

The frame is retractable awnings is produced of strong aluminum to offer strength and make sure their toughness.

Retractable awnings are usually used in offices and commercial shops.

So, while considering the above benefits of awnings, we can say that to save the exterior of your home,  awnings are the top choice. They not just provide protection, but also increase the charm of your home.