An awning also known as a folding arm awning or a retractable awning has been used for centuries as an excellent shade for sun protection. It is an external covering connected to the building from outside. It is usually made of cotton or polyester yarn, iron or steel, canvas woven of acrylic and many more to protect the building from harsh weather. An awning can be attached to the door, a window, or place above any area along a sidewalk. Awnings have several benefits for your house as well as adding great value to your properties. Awnings do not only provide additional shelter to your home, but they also increases the curb appeal of your home. A residential awning is the best option if you want to upgrade your property.


During a sunny afternoon, when the interiors of your home are exposed to the sunlight, your furniture, wallpapers, or even your floors might change its color as a result of harsh UV rays impart. When you install an awning to your home, it will help you provide an adequate shade for your home’s decor or finishes. When an awnings are been installed above, it protect the window as well as protection of the home’s decor from the damages that are caused by UV rays and precipitation.

When you install a well-designed awning to your home, it will improve the structure of your home, giving it some kind of curb appeal.  Awnings make your home more attractive than before. It adds value to your property as well, and can land you a better offer, in case you want to sell.

During warm weather, your patio or porch can be use an extension of your home. If you want to stay outside but you are afraid of staying too long in the sun, awning is the best solution to keep you and your family from the stuffy house, and enjoy your staying outdoor for as long as you want.

Are you looking a way to reduce your AC bills and also want to prevent your interior from harsh rays of sun, no better option than adding an awning to home. Most times people tend to use AC throughout the day during warm weather and end up having a huge bill to pay off at the end of the month. You don’t need to turn on your AC on because when you install an awning at your front door, or window, it will prevent those dangerous UV rays from entering your home, keeping it cool and comfortable plus saving your AC energy cost on a long run.


Materials of an awning are the first things you need to consider when you are looking for the best awning company. You know the shade will be left outside and expose to several conditions such as harsh sunlight, frigid winter, rain storm and hot summers. Making the right decisions when selecting an awning company can save your time and money on a long run. Awnings that are made from Durant frame and quality materials tends to last long for years while a cheaper awning will only last for few years. Things to consider when choosing the best awning from a company

  • The best awning materials must have water-repellant fabric
  • It should be rust-proof and study frame.
  • It need to solid enough to hold gust of wind and light
  • The product should improve the architecture of your home. Since awning has different of styles. You can search elsewhere if the company doesn’t have the one that suit your home.

At least, when you buy from a reputable awning company, they should be able to provide an in-depth knowledge about what they sell.

The retractable awning is one of the most common awning people uses. They can be extended to your own convenience. These awnings can be use as a shade to block during a sunny day, and can be retracted during the winter when you don’t really need them. This type of awning can last for years compare to the fixed ones. Since you can always roll them away when they are of no use to you.

And lastly, you should make sure the company you are buying from have a reputable and well experience installer because when it comes to Installation of awning, you can ask any handy person from your neighborhood to install it but you may not like the outcome. That’s why you need to be careful if the companies you are choosing have an awning installer with a good track record. You can also seek reference from their previous customers because poor awning installation can disfigure the exterior structure of your home. Since, an awning is specialize products that’s why it need a specific knowledge to obtain the best results.


Our products are well developed, best quality and everlasting materials with little or no maintenance required.

We provide a customized and developed innovative awning with an engineering solution to serve its function purpose and as well enhance the architecture of your building.

Our great team includes professional engineers, builders, designers, architects and other contractors to provide an outstanding installation for your home.

Although, our products can serve their users for many years but we offer after-sales service for products that require regular maintenance such as alignment, servicing, testing and greasing in other to prolong their lifespan.


  • Very professional awning installation. They make my vision come true and follow instruction exactly. I love the quality of the awning so much too. You guys deserve this good feedback from me. Well done!
    Sharon Tay
  • My husband is a business man and too busy. So he ask me to monitor the whole process of the awning installation. I thought i have to monitor closely. I am wrong. You guys are better than the rest, very experience and pro. Thank you so much for the great work!
    Susan Ng


May 20, 2024
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