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September 28, 2020

Difference Between A Canopy And Awning

What is the difference between a canopy and awning? Awning and canopy have similar uses and definitions as well. Both are the exterior shade devices. These are added to the outdoor part of homes and other commercial areas to protect those areas from sun and rain. Both can offer you a calm and protected outdoor place to enjoy with your friends, family, and neighbors. But there are some differences between these two. Many people are getting confused while they go to buy an outdoor covering for their property. They cannot understand the difference between canopy and awning. Understanding the differences: You need to know the differences […]
August 19, 2020

Types of Awnings in Singapore

What exactly is an awning? It is basically an additional structure that is attached to the outer wall of a building. When it comes to an awning, there are different types of awnings in Singapore. The texture of the awning could also be different and may many factors such as light tolerance, weather conditions, and other preferences of the end-users. There are different materials that are used for making an awning structure. However, aluminium is the most common material followed by iron and steel. The canvas is made using a combination of materials or a single materials. The most commonly used […]
June 13, 2020

Residential and Commercial Awning Singapore – What Are the Desired Qualities

Awnings in Singapore are the best additions on the outer walls of the premises. Apart from offering a sufficient element shield, awnings Singapore adds to the outlook of any premise. One needs to select the style, pattern, and color of the awnings following outside of the building. Modern companies in Singapore offer a lot of styles, colors, textures, patterns, and sorts of fabrics to select from. You can complete assured that entire your needs would be satisfied once you find a valuable awning manufacturer. Though, before you start sketching the theme of the awnings, it’d be greater to know about […]
June 13, 2020

What are the advantages of awning

If you want to shade in your balcony or terrace without hiding any view in Singapore, then awnings are just the right thing for you. Your home will look more elegant if your windows are very well decorated, while your terraces and balconies will be well designed by Awning Singapore. Awnings provide the additional benefit of assisting with the ventilation of air, as they do not cover the surroundings of your balcony area that is linked to your room. There’re 2 types of awnings, one is fixed Singaporean Awning and the other is foldable. Fixed options are not movable which […]